ATA Taekwondo of Tulsa Inc.

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Briar village Shopping Center

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We all face many challenges every day. When we were growing up, we thought life would get so much easier when we became an adult. We came to find out that all that freedom we thought we were getting came with its own set of responsibilities as well. The primary challenge we all face now is this: how do I juggle everything in my life (job, kids, etc.) and still take care of myself? For a growing number of people, Martial Arts provides the answer. Whether you are interested in physical fitness, self-defense, or even just an athletic social outlet, our school is a safe and positive environment, providing a fun activity-driven atmosphere where those with common interests can join together in physically rewarding and mentally challenging activities. To many of our students, the time that they spend in class is an oasis in the middle of their lives where they can focus on themselves without feeling selfish or guilty.